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If you would like to list your property for sale or for rent, then Absolute Marbella can help. With our expertise and experience of the Marbella property market, we will get you the best price for your property.

The most common questions we get asked is “how do I get the best price?” and “how long will it take to sell?”.

Both questions are very much connected in the answer. We understand that everyone is different and everyone has the price in there head that they think it is worth or what they want. We always prefer you to have an idea in your head as it is something we can all measure when talking through what it is worth in today’s market.

We will give you an honest valuation and not a valuation that will get us the listing as we are more interested in selling your property for you than just adding it to our website.
The best price usually is in line with how long it can take to sell.

So if you over price the property then it will take a long time to sell, sometimes even years. If we agree to price it competitively then we have more chance of getting the property in front of potential buyers by means of papers, website, magazines and many other broadcasting media.

The biggest mistake sellers and agents make is to over price the property just to get the listing. We do not see the point in having a property listed if we can not get the right buyers to even contemplate looking at the information because it is over priced.